CMC M-116 Mercedes-Benz W125,GP Donington 1937 #4 Seaman LE1000

M_116-01CMC M-116 Mercedes-Benz W125,GP Donington 1937 #4 Seaman LE1000
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Product description

GP Donington

Mercedes entered four race cars of the type W125 for the Donington Grand Prix of England that took place on October 2nd, 1937.


Richard “Dick” Seaman, the Englishman on the Mercedes team, took off with starting number 4. He would very much like to deliver a successful race to its fellow countrymen. But his hopes were dashed in the 4th lap, as the Auto Union driver H.P. Müller crashed into the rear end of Seaman’s W125. Despite the damage of the rear end, gearbox, and rear shock absorbers, Seaman continued to race unrelentingly with huge restrictions. Eventually in lap 30, however, he had to give up the race in bitter disappointment.


CMC has replicated the Seaman car virtually identical to the original, and it is now released as a worldwide limited edition of only 1,000 units in scale 1:18.


Technical data of the original vehicle:

8-cylinder-in-line-engine, Roots compressor.

Maximum output: 600 hp at 5,800 rpm
Displacement: 5,660 ccm
Top speed: approx. 318 km/h