CMC M-134 Bugatti 57 SC Corsica Roadster, 1938 Unpainted

m-134CMC M-134 Bugatti 57 SC Corsica Roadster, 1938 Unpainted SOLD OUT CMC
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Product Description
Collectors that assert, that only a model with a flawless painting is well worth seeing, might have to reconsider that opinion if they saw our unpainted rough diamond. The Corsica in its unpainted finish displays an aura which is just impressive. A pretty painting can sometimes might sometimes hide the fact, that there is not much underneath.

But this is something, CMC don`t have to be worry about. Everything that appears is nothing but traditional craftsmanship. The components are all model of solid materials. Beside the major component of die-cast, CMC is working with non-ferrous metals like copper and brass but as well with stainless steel for the hoods, floor panels, covers, trims and other parts. Furthermore you`ll be able to find real leather (seats, side panel of the doors), valuable rubber (tires), aluminum and stainless steel wire (rims / spokes) and as well textiles for the floor.

Of course also CMC can`t work completely without synthetic material. But we use them only in a limited number and use the best quality only. They be used for instance for the power train components.

For a permanent protection against material discoloration or patina, the surface of the model became sealed with a clear coat.

Allow yourself to enjoy some kind of unusual model and be enthused about this extraordinary piece.


Technical Data of the original Vehicle
Output: 200 hp at 5,500 rpm
Displacement: 3,257 ccm
Top speed: approx. 200 km/hr
Wheel base: 2,980 mm
Total length: approx. 4,510 mm
Track width front: 1,350 mm
Track width rear: 1,350 mm
Bore x Stroke 72 x 100 mm
Mechanical cable break
Right-hand drive
Dry sump lubrication

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