CMC M-170 Mercedes-Benz LO 2750, 1934-38 Truck with tarpaulin

m-170__1_ CMC M-170 Mercedes-Benz LO 2750, 1934-38 Truck with tarpaulin
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Product description
After the global economic crisis of the late 1920s was over, an industrial resurgence was looming large everywhere. The Daimler-Benz AG lost no time in developing new, innovative commercial vehicles at its factory in Gaggenau, which made a name for efficiency and technical reliability. The offer of diesel-powered trucks back then was nothing short of being revolutionary.

Based on our replica of the platform truck, we also offering a version of the LO 2750 with a tarpaulin-covered platform frame. The tarpaulin cover of the model is tied down with a piece of cord, which goes through the U-shaped brass hooks that pop out of the tarpaulin eyelets and is tied up along the mid-line of the tailgate. The tarpaulin cover is detachable, and the possibilities of the cargo are virtually endless. A masterly-done three-tone finish of green, red, and black provides a harmoniously-blended appearance to this impressive truck-replica.

In commemoration of the CMC co-founder Mr. Herbert Nickerl, the tarpaulin is printed with his name, as if the man were moving to be ahead of time, which we think he was.
Model description:
•    Hand-crafted metal precision model built from 2,247 single parts
•    True-to-the-original loading bed and tarpaulin cover
•    Metal framework with wood-plank support for the tarpaulin
•    Metal furnishings on the side boards and tailgate
•    Side boards and tailgate can be folded down; both are made of real wood
•    Foldable tarpaulin made of textile with brass eyelets and leather straps
•    Highly detailed 4-cylinder diesel-engine, complete with all aggregates, pipes and cabling
•    Detachable three-part bonnet with spring-loaded locking hooks
•    Hand-crafted stainless-steel cooler with a Mercedes-Star filler cap that unscrews (caution needed, risk of breakage, observe operating instructions)
•    Beautifully-replicated driver’s cab with a movable hand-brake lever and hinged windscreen. Seats are upholstered in real leather, and the bench cushion is removable.
•    Openable doors and functional direction indicator (winker)
•    Fuel tank made of metal with functional filler cap, underneath the passenger-seat
•    Openable tool box, mounted left on the frame
•    Detachable spare wheels under the loading bed
•    Front and rear axle made of metal. Detailed undercarriage with a rigid steel frame and strong semi-elliptic leaf-springs front/rear
•    Brilliant three-tone finish in green, red, and black, imprinted tarpaulin and lettering on the doors
Description of the type designation “LO 2750”:
Number 2750 = cargo load in kilo
Chassis is usable for trucks(L) and for busses(O)
Technical details of the original vehicle:
•    Loading bed with a tarpaulin-covered platform frame, manufactured by using selected materials, harmoniously adapted  to the chassis
•    Rigid steel frame, connected with strong cross-members
•    4-cylinder diesel engine OM 65 with Bosch injection pump & MB precombustion
•    Cylinder housing and crankcase cast in one block
•    Cylinder heads combined in pairs
•    Strong semi-elliptic leaf-springs front/rear
•    Hydraulic four-wheel brake
•    Spacious driver’s cab, designed for 3 persons
Bore x Stroke    110 x 130 mm
Displacement:    4,939 cc
Output:    65 hp at 2,000 rpm
Track front/rear:    1,715 / 1,605 mm