CMC M-198 Lancia D50, 1955 Rolling Chassis including base plate LE1000

CMC M-198 Lancia D50, 1955 Rolling Chassis including base plate LE1000
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Product description

Lancia cars are well-known for their inclination to innovations, which is especially true of its motorsport models. Want to know how they did it? We can help you to have the body removed. In this way, a so-called “Rolling Chassis” is born. It reveals a multitude of structural details to your eyes – the V12 engine complete with accessories and wiring, the lattice work of the tubular frame, the arrangement of suspension, the drive train system, the rear axle transmission (transaxle), and much more.

Take the engine for instance. It is integrated into the chassis as a supporting member of reinforcement. Note that the engine is equipped with a double magnetic ignition system and in-stalled at 12 ° offset to the left. This enabled the propeller shaft to bypass the driver’s seat to reach the transaxle in the rear. As a result, a significant lowering of the driver’s seat was made possible, thus yielding much-desired aerodynamic advantages.

It is certainly worthwhile to examine the undercarriage, which is now laid bare under your eyes. There are also the elaborate worm-gear system of the steering wheel, the exhaust system, the oil-cooling system, and much more for you to see and discover.

Enjoy the fun of getting to know your favorite car much better than you think is ever possible.