CMC M-084 Ferrari Racing transporter, Typ Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti, 1957

CMC M-084 Ferrari Racing transporter, Typ Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti, 1957
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By the mid-1950s, the racing teams of Scuderia Ferrari and Scuderia Maserati had realized that they needed an appropriate means to transport their race cars to European race tracks and back to their headquarters. CMC has created the Ferrari race-car transporter as a high-end replica, featuring superlative craftsmanship that will take model-making to a completely new height.

Technical data (original vehicle)

  • 6-cylinder diesel in-line-engine type 364A
  • Auto body work and vehicle hoist made by Bartoletti
  • Fiat-bus chassis

Maximum output: 92 hp
Displacement: 6,650cc
Top speed: 85 km/h
Total length: 9,085 mm
Total width: 2,492 mm
Total height: 2,924 mm

History (original vehicle)

The Courier of Enzo Ferrari
The 1950s and 1960s are known as an era that
witnessed a boom of race car transporters, which are being re-discovered today and held in a high regard. The two similar-looking transporters of the Scuderia Ferrari and Maserati might well be the most famous and technically most mature transporters of those days. They were mounted on Fiat-bus chassis of the type 642 RN2. With an open body work designed by Bartoletti, the resultant transporter was good for hauling three race cars.

Back in those days, it took a transporter to haul race cars to the race track from time to time. But transporters were not limited to hauling a precious freight only. They had quite a few other functions, too. In each of the transporters, a small but complete inspection bay was set up. It was also used as the crew quarters.

This was where the head-quarters were located, in addition to providing a crew space and a sleeping berth during the hectic race weekends.