Following new model from CMC is to  be released soon:

-M-248 Ferrari 250 GTO RHD #44, chassis #4491 Silverstone 1963, David Piper: € 649

Expected next:

-M-251 Ferrari 250 GTO RHD #10, chassis #3729 2nd Place Tourist Trophy 1962 Graham Hill: € 649  middle of June
-M-252 Ferrari 250 GTO RHD #112, chassis #3445, Targa Florio 1964 Norinder/Troberg: € 649  end of June
-M-260 Ferrari 250 GTO engine + showcase: € 119 June/July.

Then, from July onwards: the Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti Transporters (Maserati, clear Finish, Ferrari).

From September: Porsche 904 GTS

From December: Ferrari 250 LM.

As always: dates for future models provisional.

See attached list for all models to be released and in stock.
Please let me know as soon as possible in case you  want to (pre-)order any models. In case you have already pre-ordered models
you will hear from me as soon as the models are about to be released.

Best regards, Henk

Current exchange-rate UK; 1 pound is app. 1,17 Euro.


Most important news:

~8 versions of the Ferrari LM (Lemans), plus 2 specials (M-269/270). These are expected from the 4th quarter of 2024.
~reissue of the Transporters M-084 (Ferrari) and M-097 (Maserati), which have been adjusted/improved in about 15 points

(see Press release from page 3).

The list also includes the models which currently are in stock.

Discounts up to € 100 untill 15.01.2024 – see list

Porsche 904 GTS models now officially announced. These Porsche-models -on my website already since the end of 2022- have now been officially announced and prices were fixed. My price for these models will be € 649. Also, a number of (extra) Exhausts were announced. Good to know: all models come with Sebring-exhausts, except M-234 and M-235, which will have the Megaphone-exhaust.

Further info: see list.

Newsletter Re. The New CMC Ferrari 250 GTO (RHD) models: a very interesting investment.

~ New pricelist: pricelist/orderform
~ Newsletter September 2023 (see below)
~ Flyer Ferrari 250 GTO (see below)
~New pricelist: pricelist/orderform
~For the latest newsletter, click below:
~pre-orderprices (except for M-226) still available. I managed to reserve some extra models
at pre-orderprices. These models will be sold at discount-prices until they are all pre-sold.
~also still available to order a few models which are already sold out at CMC in Germany, see
like the Uhlenhaut-models M-244 and M-245, the Alfa M-226 and several Ferrari 275 GTB/C models.
~the new Ferrari 250 GTO models: CMC expects to release the first 1 or 2 models in December 2023,
the rest of the models in 2024.
~release of Porsche 904 models delayed till 2024
~NEW; 10 versions of the Ferrari 250 GTO, of which 4 are LHD and 6 RHD.
~still to be released from 2022: 3 versions of the Merc. Uhlenhaut Coupé and various versions of the Alfa P3.
My Newsletter, a list of the New models and new prices is attached, as well as CMC’s Press release 2023.
In case you prefer to receive the Newsletter in French, German or Dutch, or the Press-release in German,
please send an email.
You can pre-order these models with 5 – 7 % discount until SUNDAY, 30.1.2023
Newsletter: Pricelist / orderform: CMC Press release:

~pre-order novelties 2023: CMC will announce several versions of the Porsche 904 and
(perhaps) the Ferrari 250 LM Le Mans – see list
~pre-order now, without obligations, to secure the model(s) you prefer

Newsletter: Pre-order list: Porsche 904 models:


~update on deliver-scedule CMC
~update pricelist

~Reminder: pre-order/reconfirm earlier orders TODAY
~pricelist with new prices from tomorrow.


CMC has announced today, that all limited Edition models are now Sold Out, that is: they are all pre-sold (within 6 days!). This is for the models M-238, 239, 240, 244 and 245. If you have already pre-ordered these models, they will be delivered at the pre-orderprice as agreed. From now on, these models (as far as they are still available), will be delivered at the price as on the new price-list (see below). I have no more models M-239 and M-240 to be pre-ordered. The other models, M-238, 244 and 245: only a few still pre-orderable.

Model M-246, the Uhlenhaut with figurine, was sold out already last week. Perhaps there will be a second version of this model (incl. figure/baseplate) with number M-247. This is not official yet, but you can already let me know you’re interested in it.

The other models (see pricelist) will still be available with discount untill Feb. 11th, then prices will go up.


New models announced for 2022:
– 3 new versions of the Ferrari 275 GTB/C
– 5 versions of the Mercedes Uhlenhaut (1 re-issue, 4 new)
Some of the earlier announced Ferrari 275 GTB/C can still be ordered (but higher prices).
Confirm orders/new orders before Feb. 11th. 2022 please.

-update on models M-208,209 and 205: arriving next week
-some already sold out models orderable untill december 22nd
-list of future models:
CMC has increased the price of some models yet to be delivered. As a result, my pre-order price will also be adjusted. It concerns the following models: M-208, M-209, M-205 and M-217. The price increase for the M-217 model is mainly due to the fact that the planned fixed, open top will be replaced by a functional soft-top, as is also used for the M-205 model. For the rest, the price increases are attributed to higher costs of labour, development, transport and materials.
Newsletter September 2021:
Newsletter March 2021
~ some special models for sale:
Many of you pre-ordered CMC’s New models for 2021, or confirmed earlier orders, thanks.
Here is an update on:
~models still to come, with a. pre-order-price (orange column) and b. if not pre-ordered (green column)
~models in stock (at reduced prices)
CMC Novelties 2021 – further information/list click below:
Newsletter CMC DECEMBER 2020:

a. Update New models 2020
b. Up to 10% extra discount on models in stock.

a. Update New models 2020, recently released:

  • M-214 Jaguar C-type 1952 Techno Classica 2020 (goldcolor) LE 300 € 595 2 left
  • A-023 Model Art parts display Ferari GTO blue, LE 200 pcs € 699 1 left
  • A-025 Model Arts display Ferrari GTO silver, LE 200 pcs € 699 1 left
  • M-055 Merc.Benz SSKL, Mille Miglia 1931 (re-issue) € 349 to order
  • M-204 Mercedes-Benz (W100) 6-door Pullman with sunroof, mink grey € 721 to order
  • M-215 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullmann “white Swan”, LE 800 pcs € 843 2020

In case you pre-ordered M-055 or M-204, I will contact you soon about delivery.
CMC does not expect any further deliveries this year.

Although dates for future deliveries are hard to predict, it looks like the SSK and SSKL models
will be the next to be produced. CMC has also announced that the limitation of model M-199
(the Ferrari 275 GTB/C #26 Le Mans) will go up from 1000 to 1800 models, due to the high
demand for this model. For a complete list of models still to be released see the Newsletter.

b. Up to 10% extra discount on models in stock.
For the complete Newsletter and models in stock, click below:

Newsletter GTO-parts display models A-023, A-024 and A-025:
Just a few of these displays available, see the complete Newsletter:
It has been a while since I informed you about the novelties for 2020 announced by CMC at the Nuremburg Toyfair.
Ofcourse the Chinese New Year and Covid-19 have caused some delay, but it looks like CMC is now back in business.
Following models have meanwhile been produced and delivered:
For the complete Newsletter, including a list of future models to be released and models in stock: click below.

The pre-order period will be extended till February 9th.
Please send your pre-orders (and confirmation of earlier orders) now as soon as possible, in order to get
the lower pre-orderprice. For the complete Newsletter click below:

The list of older models, still in stock or available from CMC, has been updated. Some prices of models
in stock were not according to the prices on the website. For the new list see the CMC Pricelist / Orderform.

Mercedes Benz 600 Pullmann Novelties:
See video below from these models as shown on the Nuremberg Toyfair 2020
(the models shown are all prototypes, still under improvements):


Also Watch this: production of the Mercedes Benz 600 Pullmann at the factory:


CMC has now announced their Novelties for 2020.
Here some pictures and a list of the new models:
M-215 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullmann “white Swan”, LE 800 pcs € 843 2020
M-216 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullmann “Red Baron”  LE 800 pcs € 843 2020
M-217 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullmann Landaulet two-tone beige/brown, opened softtop LE800 € 843 2020
M-218  Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullmann “King of Rock’n Roll, blue,sunroof, LE 800 € 843 2020
M-222 Ferrari F275 GTB/C gold-plated body, LE 500 pcs. CMC 25 yrs € 1.399 2020
M-223 Ferrari F275 GTB/C copper alloy fine-casted body, LE 300 pcs CMC 25 yrs. € 1.225 2020
M-225 Mercedes-Benz SSK “Black Prince, 1934 € 447 2020
A-023 Model Art parts display Ferari GTO blue, LE 200 pcs € 599 2020
A-024 Model Art display Ferrari GTO, yellow, LE 200 pcs € 599 2020
A-025 Model Arts display Ferrari GTO silver, LE 200 pcs € 599 2020
  Anniversary items CMC 25 years    
Kat Catalog 2020 – CMC 25 Years € 7 2020
S-010 Book CMC 25 years hardcover € 48 2020
For CMC’s Press-information about the new models click below:
Prices in this letter are CMC-prices, for my prices click here.
Finally, my Newsletter 26.01.2020 with further information/my prices/how to pre-order.
The final date for pre-orders at the lowest price is 2nd of February 2020, after that date
please send an email to ask if ordering at pre-orderprice is still possible.
A complete list of all new and still available models (including models in stock from CMC)
is now available on CMC Pricelist/Orderform.
Up to 10 % discount on these models is available untill 2nd of February.
Newsletter CMC November 2019
~update New models/Models in Stock/Events planned for 2020
For the complete Newsletter click below:
Newsletter CMC May 2019.
From the new models, announced for 2019, following models are now available:
(see the complete newsletter below)
STOCK-CLEARANCE: After the first round, with reductions up to 24% compared to CMCs prices on their website, there will be a further EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT on models in stock until the end of MAY.
(further details and prices: see the complete Newsletter below).
For the complete Newsletter, including the list of new models available now, and a stock list with reduced prices, click below:

Newsletter CMC February 2019.
As earlier announced, prices for novelties are now increased by 5%.
If you pre-ordered these models before Feb. 9th you will pay the old price.

As I’ll stop doing events after ESSEN, it’s time now for a STOCK-CLEARANCE.
There are discounts available up to 24% on models in stock.(compared to CMCs price on their
website After this sale, these models will no longer be available.

For the complete Newsletter, including the list of reduced models/prices, click below:

CMC has just announced their novelties for 2019, to be introduced at the Nuremburg Toy Fair this week. See my Newsletter January 2019:
Also a press-release was published (sorry, only available in German at the moment, but you can check the pictures):
A new price-list/orderform with all New models and models in stock is available:
Your pre-orders for the new models please before FEBRUARY, 2nd, in order to be sure about getting the models at the lowest price. After that date I can not guarantee delivery at the lowest price (have to check availability). Hope to hear from you soon.

Please find attached my Newsletter November 2018

Main news:
~Bugatti T35 Nation Colour-series: all released
~part of the Ferrari D50-models now available

Yesterday, CMC was not able to tell me which other models can still be expected this year,
but on CMC’s Enthusiasts Facebook you can find pictures of the Jaguar C-Type model M-191
(1952 British Racing Green, no number) being produced now and released in 2018 (Christmas?)
Also pictures of production samples of other novelties, as shown on the Shanghai Toyfair 2018.

Events: In 2018/2019 we will be present at following events:
~Nov. 17/18 Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL) Dec. 2: Namac Houten (NL)
~Feb. 6-10: Retromobile, Paris (F) ~Mar. 1-3: Antwerp Classic Salon (B)
~Apr. 10-14: Techno Classica Essen (D)

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

Attached my Newsletter of August.
Expected within the next two weeks:
the last 3 Bugattis Type 35 GP Nation Colour Project, a few models still available, also from the ones already
presold by CMC (see list)
~the first version of the Ferrari D50 (M-180, Streetversion red). In app. 6 weeks 2 racing-versions are expected:
~M-181 Longnose GP Germany Fangio #1 (LE 1500)
~M-182 Shortnose GP France Collins #14, (LE 1500)
Please order as soon as possible in case you are interested.
In case you have already pre-ordered I will contact you as soon as the models are available.
English customers: Current exchange-rate: 1 pound is 1,12 Euro.

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

Attached my Newsletter JUNE 2018.
In June/July 10 models (from 13) of the Bugatti Type 35 GP Nation Colour-Project have
been released. Still to come (probably in August) are 100-007 Monaco (LE500), 100-014 Hungary (LE300)
and 100-015 Chile (LE300). Especially Hungary and Chile, with limitations of only 300 models, will
be interesting for collectors, they are pre-sold from CMC for several months (see their website).
All being well I will have a couple of each of these models still to sell, but please order as soon as possible.
From August/Sept. on, the Ferrari D50, Jaguar C-type, Accessories, as well as the
Mercdes Targa Florio and SSKL re-issues/variations announced for 2018
will be released.

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

Attached my Newsletter MAY 2018.
After a rather quiet period (following the celebartion of Chinese New Year), the CMC-factory has
re-started production. The first models for the year 2018 are expected this week:
~M-163 Bugatti T35 1924, blue (re-issue), my price € 291
~M-198 Lancia D50, 1955 Rolling Chassis incl. base-plate, LE 1000, my price € 255
In June/July , the Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix Nation Colour project will be completed.

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

CMC’s press-release now also available in English:
CMC Newsletter nr. 132
Please find here CMC’s Newsletter Nr. 132 with all New models announced for 2018, pictures and links to CMC’s website, where you can find all the information, history etc. about the models. Prices in this Newsletter/on CmC’s website are prices from CMC, as you know my prices are 10% lower, see the attached complete Pricelist of all models PRE-ORDERS please now before Sunday, Feb. 4th, in order to be sure you will obtain your model(s) guaranteed and at the lowest possible price. All pre-orders are without obligations/downpayments etc.
Thanks, Henk

CMC has just announced their New Models for 2018, to be presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018.
For the complete Newsletter click here:
For CMC’s Press-release (incl. pictures of the new models) click here:
Newsletter September 2017. Contents:
1). Re-issue/ new model this month: Auto Union Type C (M-034) + lim.Ed. Eifel race#18 (M-161)
2). Extra-low prices for older models in stock
3). Models sold out.
For the complete Newsletter click the image below:
Newsletter May 2017
1). Re-issue/ new model this month: Auto Union Type C (M-034) + lim.Ed. Eifel race#18 (M-161)
2). Extra-low prices for older models in stock
3). Models sold out.
For the complete Newsletter click below:
Newsletter January 2017:
M-167: CMC Talbot-Lago Coupé Typ 150 C-SS Figoni &
Falaschi “Teardrop”, Racing Version Le Mans 1939:
CMC Lancia D50, 1955 Monaco GP #26, Alberto Ascari:
28.1.2017 (II)
Information from CMC about all Novelties 2017
Click here to open the Newsletter from CMC.
Please note that prices mentioned in the Newsletter are prices from CMC, as you will find them on their website.
Apart from the 1:12 scale models, my prices are 10 % lower.
Available now:
  • M-144 Mercedes-Benz Transporter LO2750, No. 1,  € 624
  • M-164 Mercedes-Benz Transporter LO2759, No.2 + Merc.W25 T-car, both limited 1.000 pcs, setprice € 735   

Photos (click to enlarge):


In case you’re still looking for a nice Christmas present, or you are struggling to find a good way to spend your year-end bonus, here are some suggestions:
Still available:
CMC M-164, bundle Mercedes LO2750 Truck (no.2) with Mercedes W25 T-car, both models limited to 1.000 pieces only.
This set of models arrives next week, all sets have been pre-sold, but I will still have some available at my original price of 735 Euro (CMC-price less 10%) Also still available the LO2750-truck with No. 1 on its own, my price 624 Euro)
Pictures and further information available on my website:
If you decide quickly, delivery can be arranged before Christmas.
Also available from next week will be the new CMC-showcase A-011, which fits perfectly for CMC’s Race-car models and 1:12 scale-models.
(size wooden base:535x265mm, acrylic cover: 511 h x 241 w x 190 h. Overall height: 215 mm. The showcase comes as a kit, a small screwdriver
will be delivered with it. My price for this case: 229 Euro.
Later this month (probably not in time for Chrismas) following models are expected:
-M-169, the Mercedes LO2750 Platform Truck, 1933-1936, my price 561 Euro (CMC-price 624)
-M-172, Maserati 300S Dirty Hero incl. engine, 2 figurines, mini-award and showcase, my price 489 Euro. (CMC-price 544)
Special discount-prices for some models. As you know, my prices usually start at CMC-price (on their website), less 10%.
In december, there is an extra 5% discount on following models:
M-065 Merc. W25  1934 white – lim.ed. 3000 – WSL € 299 NOW 284 incl.postage
M-081 Ferrari Testa Rossa black #DM124 LE 4000 € 249 NOW 236 incl.postage
M-086 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958-Le Mans version Lucybelle € 239 NOW 227 incl.postage
M-100 Bugatti T35 Nat.Col.: B-002 England  € 215 NOW 204 incl.postage
M-111 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Spec. #19, 24H. France 1938 LE3000 € 354 NOW 336 incl.postage
M-118 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Mille Miglia 1955 #701 Kling LE 2000 € 289 NOW 274 incl.postage
M-122 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage Space Frame, LE 2000/SPECIAL OFFER € 75 NOW 71 incl.postage
M-128C Mercedes-Benz W196R GP France #22 Hans Hermann, LE 1000 (!) € 286 NOW 272 incl.postage
M-134 Bugatti 57 SC Corsica “unpainted”, Lim.ed. 1000 / SPECIAL OFFER € 354 NOW 336 incl.postage
In december, postage is free (Europe only) for all “older”models (all models, whilst stock lasts, on my list excl. M-143, M-144 (the transporters)
and excl. the new models (M-164, A-011, M-169 and M-172) mentioned above.
(Back) in stock:
-CMC M-084 Fiat Bartoletti Ferrari-Transporter, just 2 available, price 1498 Euro (elsewhere up to 2498)
-Bauer 3293 Bugatti Royale Coupe de Ville 1931, blue, 1:18, price 529 Euro
-Bauer Bugatti Atalante Typ 57SC, red/black or yellow/black, 1:12 scale,  price still 1349 Euro (RRP 1699)
In case you’re interested in any of these offers, please let me know as soon as possible.
Below I’m sending you a copy of CMC’s Newsletter announcing the release of their New model:
M-144 Mercedes Benz Racing Car Transporter LO2750 1934-1938 (CMC-price €694, my price €624).
This model will be available 2nd week November.
Next model to be released will be the Bundle M-164, including the same LO2750 but with No. 2 on the door, a limited Edition of 1.000 pieces,
and a Mercedes W25 T-car, also limited to 1.000. This bundle is now pre-sold at CMC, I think I will get enough models to supply all pre-orders.
The bundle M-164 will be available end of November/first week december.
My price, still €735 now for the set, will rise as soon as pre-orders have been delivered (and –ofcourse- if any left).
Also coming soon is following model:
M-172 Maserati 300S Dirty Hero incl. engine, 2 figurines, mini-award and showcase (my price €489).
In case you have not pre-ordered these models yet, please do so as soon as possible, remaining stock will be (very) limited.
For further information about CMC-models in stock and still to be released have a look on my homepage:
or on CMC’s Homepage:
From BAUER, the two versions of the Bugatti Atalante in 1:12 scale are now available:
-red/black, LE 1500, RRP €1699, my price €1349.
-yellow/black, LE 500, RRP €1699, my price €1349.
Prices do not include postage.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Here some pictures made by Bart Motte, from the M-143 Revised Edition Mercedes Transporter 1955.
This model, and the M-163 Bundle Transporter + MB 300 SLR #701 Dirty Hero are now available.
ssp_116 ssp_115 ssp_113 ssp_112 ssp_111 ssp_110 ssp_107 ssp_106 ssp_105 ssp_104 ssp_101 ssp_100
Newsletter August 2016
-CMC releases M-143 Mercedes-Benz transporter “Blue Wonder”revised Edition, price 349 Euro
-Bauer: first version of 1:12 scale Bugatti Atalante (red/black, LE 1500) available next week


For the complete Newsletter click below:

Newsletter April 2016
-Release-dates for BAUER 1:12 Bugatti Atalante now published
-CMC: update expected release-dates/models to be (pre-)sold out soon

For the complete Newsletter click below:


Newsletter March 2016
– New model M-173 : CMC Ferrari 250 GTO Techno-Promo-model, Lim.Ed 500. Price 289 Euro.
– Release-dates models 2016
– NAG-Büssing Auto Union Transporter (Premium Classixxs) now available.

For the complete newsletter click below:


Detailed pictures of model M-151/152: CMC Ferrari 250 GTO 1962, silver and blue (made by Bart Motte):

DSC_1529 DSC_1530 DSC_1532 DSC_1538 DSC_1539 DSC_1542 DSC_1544 DSC_1545 DSC_1547 DSC_1557 DSC_1561 DSC_1565 DSC_1566 DSC_1567 DSC_1568 DSC_1569 DSC_1570 DSC_1571 DSC_1572 DSC_1573 DSC_1574 DSC_1576 DSC_1586

Detailed pictures of the Premium Classixxs NAG-Büssing Transporter (Auto Union). Further details/price: click here.

DSC_1969 DSC_1966 DSC_1965 DSC_1962 DSC_1961 DSC_1959 DSC_1958 DSC_1957 DSC_1954 DSC_1952 DSC_1949 DSC_1945

Newsletter no. 3:



Collage created using TurboCollage for Windows from

CMC have announced their new releases for 2016.
For the complete Newsletter click below. By clicking on the (blue) lines you will connect to CMC’s Homepage, where you can find pictures and further information about the models.


– CMC M-151/152 Ferrari 250 GTO 1962, silver and blue, have arrived. My price € 392.
– Yellow and red versions expected in January.
– shipment of models in December free of charge (Europe only, min. order € 150)
– list available now of old/rare CMC models

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

Newsletter November 2015, contents:

1) Sold out: M-056,M-090,M-091,M-097,M-103,M-131,M-132,M-141,M-147, M-148.
3) Most models now: WSL (whilst stocks last), sold out = gone, no replacement
4) SALE in december: some special offers/no postage/old prices
5) Supply of Limited-Edition Models
6) Looking for any old CMC-models, not on my price-list?
7) Next models to arrive: CMC Ferrari GTO’s (4 colours)

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

Newsletter int. 1115_1

NEWSLETTER October 2015, contents:

~SURPRISE: new Ferrari models from CMC: M-151-M-154 CMC Ferrari 250 GTO, 1962, 4 colours
~CMC: still to come 2015: M-138 (arrived), M-141, M-142, M-147, M-148. In 2016: M-143, M-144, M-145.
~Premium Classixxs Auto Union Renntransporter: delayed, probably till 2016

For the complete Newsletter, click below:

Newsletter int. 1015_1

News 30.9.2015
NEWSLETTER September 2015, contents:

~model M-138, the new Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS, 1930 arriving soon – order now
~M-141, Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Mille Millia version #84 sold out
~Bauer 1:12 scale Bugatti Atalante: delayed until 2016
~Premium Classixxs: Auto Union Renndienst Transporter 1932 available soon
~now on my website: CMC Video 20 years CMC and pictures from CMC-factory

For the complete Newsletter, click below:
Newsletter int. 0915-1_1

News 24.9.2015
CMC has published a documentary to celebrate 20 Years of CMC.
To see this video, click below:

Also published (by a Chinese automotive site, sorry, no translation) are pictures from the CMC-factory at Shenzhen, China
(click on the pictures to see them all)
12045297_1039985452689987_2193680971356276723_o 12028855_1039985129356686_8945037261685807567_o 11838686_1039983989356800_6376991023583314946_o 12027333_1039983926023473_5684689336201469612_o 12028719_1039983822690150_1718485900093871783_o 11227653_1039983662690166_3318245077655298443_o 12029728_1039983712690161_9022439390429393018_o 12045309_1039983742690158_8426020364903760466_o 12015183_1039985542689978_8630390883673574369_o

First 10 (of 300) Auto Union Type C in 1:12 scale have arrived at CMC Germany (C-008)
Completely by surprise, the first 10 models of model C-008, the 1:12 scale Auto Union #18 Eifelrennen 1936, Bernd Rosemeyer, have arrived in Germany. The total of 300 models will be devided between CMC USA, CMC Hong Kong and CMC Germany. Within the next few months, the rest of the models will be distributed. There are still some models available, so if you have not ordered yet please do so as soon as possible. The pictures of the new model, now supplied by CMC, will give you a very good view of the fantastic detail of the model (1.937 parts, of which 1.587 metal)

For more information about this model click here.


P1020214 P1020209 P1020204 P1020190 P1020186 P1020180 P1020173 P1020158 P1020152 P1020146 P1020142 P1020137 P1020131 P1020122 P1020119 P1020116 P1010948 P1010903 P1010898

For the complete newsletter, click below:

Newsletter int. 0815 (2)_1

New models arriving this week:
M-047 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage #5 Nürburgring 1960 Moss/Gurney (re-issue) my price € 257
M-125 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage #7 Cuba/Havanna GP Moss LE1500 (sold out CMC) – my price € 290
M-150 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Lim.Ed. 500, Goodwood Green, only few available, price € 394

Expected in September:
M-138 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS, 1930, my price € 354
Sold out: models M-048 Merc. Targa Florio, M-076 Merc. Uhlenhaut Coupe, M-066 Merc. 300 SLR Moss #722,
M-079 Ferrari 250 GT #14 Le Mans, M-095 Ferrari 312P Spyder, M-096 Ferrari 312P Berlinetta.
For the complete Newsletter July click here.


See newsletter May 2015-2
In this Newsletter:
– sale : up to 40% discount on some models
– special limited Edition Ann. Model USA: model M-095A Ferrari Spyder signed by Mrs. Jia (LE200)
– new models, arriving next week
– models sold outM-095A_01For the complete Newsletter click below:

See Newsletter 05.15
In this Newsletter:
– update on new models CMC/Schuco
– models sold out
– Finalization of CMC-partnership with FerrariFor the complete Newsletter click below:

– More information and pictures of the New CMC-models, limited Edition Aston Martin models arriving soon
– Schuco: MAN transporter “Porsche”/Cooper T35 Stirling Moss
– Premium Classixxs: NAG-Büssing Transporter Auto Union Renndienst
– Cult Models
Please order now as soon as possible.Newsletter:
Pictures and more information of CMC 1:12 scale models

C-008 1:12 scale Auto Union Type C #18 1936 Bernd Rosemeyer Eifelrennen, Lim. Ed. 300 Price: 2748 Euro.
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As you may have seen from earlier pictures the chassis of the model is made of Copper. The details of the engine have been further increased. Steering-wheel and tyres (Conti) where made exactly as on the real racing car from the 1936 Eifelrace (Nebelrennen). This version comes in stead of the earlier announced Donington- and Museum-version. The model has a movable gear shift, singly mounted spokes and an ignition-key. The model will have app. 1500 to 1800 parts, whilst the 1:18 version had 1026.

C-009 1:12 scale Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B, 1938 Speciale Touring Coupé, Lim. Ed. 300 Price: 2498 Euro.
10570373_918313228190544_6566240687715862306_n 10943753_918313248190542_5410435361070337798_n CMC107f (750x499) CMC107zx (750x563) CMC107cv750x563
The 8C 2900B Special Touring Coupé was “made to order”, and it is now the pride of the Alfa Romeo museum “Storico” in Arese, Italy. Not only does this vehicle have an interesting story, but it is also spectacular to look at and unique in appearance. This was the reason why CMC picked this extraordinary car for a small limited Edition of 300 pieces in 1:12 scale to be distributed Worldwide. The chassis of this model will be made of Resin, but unlike a lot of resin-models it will have opening doors, engine hood and trunk, and a detailed engine. The model will have app. 1600 – 1800 parts. The larger scale gives CMC the opportunity to make the parts more precise than the smaller scale-model.Both 1:12 scale models are limited Editions of 300 Worldwide, of which usually 50 % come to Europe. About half of the Auto-Union models have now been reserved, so if you are interested in this/these models, please confirm your order to my (new) Email address:
(English customers: current exchange-rate: 1 pound is 1,33 Euro.)

Available soon:
18CMC-Aston Martin DB4 Zagato_onderdelen
18CMC-Aston Martin DB4 Zagato_onderdelen 2

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NEW CMC Models 2015
News of the day: Thanks to the FB Page Model Car Expo, here are pictures from the all-new versions of the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato from 1961, who were presented at the Toy Fair in Hong-Kong… The white one, #1, replicated the 24hrs of Le Mans 1961 Aston, chassis #0180/L, driven by the French Team Jean Kerguen/Jacques Dewes (item M-139)… The others versions are a French blue (item M-140) and a Red plain body (item M-146)… We can see on those samples that CMC modified the front grill, and put some more details… More informations on release dates and limitations soon !

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