Terms & conditions

In general: no shipment to countries outside EU (unless you are already a customer)

Prices for future models are provisional. In case you pre-order these models I will charge
the price at the moment of your pre-order, UNLESS there is a price-rise for the model
by the manufacturer before the model is released.
In that case, if you don’t agree with the new price, you can use your right to cancel your order free
of charge.

Payment by banktransfer please. In Europe payment in Euro is free of charge when using IBAN/BIC

From 2020, we stopped doing most of the events, but the sale of models,
especially CMC, will continue through the website.
We will send NEWSLETTERS on a regular base. If you are not in the Newsletter-
system yet, please send an e-mail, just saying “NEWSLETTER”.
In January each year, you will receive a Newsletter with CMC’s novelties for
the year to come. Most of these models can be pre-ordered at CMC-price
(on their website), LESS (up to) app. 8%, but only if pre-ordered within a week or so
(the date will be in the Newsletter).
After that date, prices may go up, because:
~some models will be sold out by pre-orders;
~we ourselves will have to pay more for the models after the pre-orderperiod
Please pre-order your models as soon as possible in order to reserve/secure
the models you want at the lowest price.
ONLY SERIOUS pre-orders please: As I’m not doing any further events I will order the
model(s) especiallly for you, so if you have to cancel (for a good reason, I hope)
please let me know as soon as you know, so that I won’t be left with unsold models.
In case you cancel too late and without a good reason, I may decide to take no further
pre-orders from you and send no further information/Newsletters.


Die Techno Classica 2018 war leider unsere letzte Veranstaltung in Deutschland.
Wir bleiben aber weiterhin die Modelle anbieten per Internet.
Wenn möglich schicken wir die Modelle von Deutschland aus kostenlos per
Deutsche Post, mit Ausnahme von Versand von Vitrinen, 1:12 Modelle, Transporter und
nicht-CMC Modelle.Dafür gilt DHL-Tarif.

Verzendkosten (per aangetekende post): bijdrage van 11 Euro voor aangetekende
verzending inclusief verzekering, mits het bedrag van de bestelling hoger is dan 150 Euro.
Verzending Transporters/vitrines en motoren met vitrine: tegen kostprijs (vraag informatie a.u.b.).
Frais de port:( par poste recommande): 11 Euros est calculé pour envoie inclus l’assurance.
Envoie de Transporteurs,vitrines, modèles en ech. 1:12 et non-CMC: tarif de la poste NL.

De verzending van modellen is gratis, behalve voor de vitrines, transporters en evt. niet-CMC modellen.

Retromobile, Paris 2020 etait (presque sur) notre dernier evenement en France.
Nous continuons la vente des modèles par internet/envoie par poste.
Contribution frais de poste: 11 Euros incl. assurance.(recommandee/Track & Trace)
Envoie de Transporteurs, modèles en ech. 1:12, vitrines (incl. moteurs en vitrines), modeles
non-CMC: tarif de la poste NL.

United Kingdom
From 2018 on, we stopped doing events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed and – Revival,
Silverstone Classis and toyfairs.
Alternatively, we can send the models by post.

Shipment of models after Brexit

~in stead of 21% Dutch VAT you will be paying 20 % UK-VAT, an advantage of 1%,
~you will be charged 4 % import-tax, so ultimately you will pay 3 % more, plus
~higher costs for shipment, 5,50€/5 GBP in the Netherlands, 15 GBP in the UK.
For an average model (450 Euro, 372 Euro ex Dutch VAT=332 GBP) this means
a total of (tax 10 pound, costs 20) 30 pounds extra, or app. 7,5 %.
Please keep in mind: prices from UK-colleagues in the UK will become app. 9% higher, so
if you compare my prices you will see that you will still be 15-20% better off.

~I’ll send an invoice in Euro
for the model excl. Dutch VAT, plus postage (for a model up to 2 kg 16,50€/15 pound)
Payment by banktransfer to my account in NL.
~the English carrier will contact you for payment of UK-VAT,import-tax